Strategic Defense Solutions, LLC

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Strategic Planning

SDS has conducted strategic planning for technical programs/activities since 2006 and continues in 2022. Our senior project and program managers actively provide analysis and recommendations to government decision makers from combatant commanders and program directors to the highest levels of multiple federal agencies

Program/Project Management

SDS has on staff program/project managers that provide areas of expertise by maintaining plans and schedule for our programs, informing and advising stakeholders, and reviewing the status of each project all while safeguarding the deliverables.

IT Support Services/Cyber

SDS provides many different support services to our clients, including helpdesk/user support, database administration, security services, monitoring and design. We handle a wide variety of IT infrastructure services that include device management, network management, data storage, and even employee access.

Deployment Operations

SDS provides deployment services that coordinate and validate the deployment/redeployment/rotation of forces and equipment during exercises, contingency operations and general war. We create, refine and provide analysis of Time Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD) using the Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES).

Test & Evaluation Services

SDS provides T&E support to determine whether a system, inclusive of technology, operator, and procedures, meets operational and functional requirements. For TSA, SDS provides a wide variety of systems testing from checked baggage and passenger screening Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) to Information Technology (IT) systems.

Training & Instructor Services

SDS provides courseware and training material for classroom and virtual learning environments. Our team is very knowledgeable on content and instructional strategies that comprise an educational course or e-learning module. We focus on Distributed Learning (DL) which is an instructional model that allows instructor, students, and content to be located in different, noncentralized locations so that instruction and learning can occur independent of time and place.

What we do:

Strategic Defense Solutions (SDS) is dedicated to providing sound, superb, and timely solutions and advice on strategic issues and challenges. Strategic Defense Solutions provides its customers with highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to the very best support available on projects that range from supervised administrative team members to unsupervised, multifaceted, problem solving managers, and everything in between. We specialize, but are not limited to the following services:

  • Project Development
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Writing on Strategic Defense Issues
  • Development of Training Programs
  • Streamline Operational Procedures
  • Coaching, Motivating, and Mentoring
  • Cost - Benefit Analysis
  • Developing Strategic Concepts

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